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I am excited to share that through your prayers and discernment, Haygood’s Church Council came to consensus on April 25th to accept our District Superintendent Rev. Wayne Snead’s invitation to participate in a 3-year three-phased process called “Next Level Innovations (NLI)”.

NLI is an investment in churches that have a recognized potential for reaching more people in their community and inviting them to become disciples of Jesus. The Elizabeth River District, our Senior Pastor, the Church Council, the NLI Team, and our congregation will commit resources of time, money, effort, vision and prayer to move Haygood from good to great in mission, outreach, and disciple-making.

NLI is a “laity-driven, bottom-up” process that equips, trains, and challenges churches. NLI is NOT another program with an expected outcome!

NLI is a 3-phase process, “laser-focused” on prayer, coaching by proven and tested NLI mentors, and led by a team of 6 of our own members plus our pastor. This team arose from prayer and discernment of gifts and graces that will lead the congregation in designing and implementing new innovations; helping cast the vision for the church; communicating with church Council and the congregation on a regular basis; resourcing the congregation to achieve the determined mission and vision; and praying regularly for our pastor, the NLI Team, and the entire congregation.

In His service,

Bill Slingerland

Lay Leader