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ASP’s goals are to make homes warmer, safer, and drier. In addition to home repair, ASP is a relational ministry that allows our volunteers to share their faith with families they serve.

We are inviting you, youth and adults, to join us. If you are a youth over 14 years of age and would like to participate, please contact Mike LaRock @

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Haygood’s 37th Appalachia Service Project (ASP) team will be the week of June 24th — July 1st, 2017 in Chavies, KY.

Last year, we completed a trip to Jonesville, VA. Here is everything that went on there and this will give you a great idea for what you might expect this year!

Haygood’s ASP Coordinator Mike LaRock divided this year’s group into five work teams.

Because of the need for confidentiality, each team received a code name for each home that they worked on.

Team 1 was Gramma Nutt. Comprising it was Mike LaRock, Spencer O’Hara, Emily Jackson, Jason Thomas, Keely Moore, Ashley Cooper, and Solomon White.

They did some exterior painting, repaired and replaced walls and floors, installed insulation and fascia and soffit.

Team 2 was Tennessee Avenue. Comprising it was John Cooper, Anna Townsend, Brexton O’Hara, Emily LaRock, Hunter Saunders, Abby Carlson, and Pete Kundrat.

They began construction of a 80 foot ramp from the side door of a home to the front drive way.

Team 3 was Mediterranean Avenue. Comprising the team was Randy Carlson, Kahill Graham, Cate Hickman, Rachel Stone, Brian Gerber, and Cindy Cooper.

They installed insulation and drywall in a bedroom. They repaired gutters and downspouts. They did some electrical wiring, exterior painting, and installed some hand rails.

Team 4 was Lollipop Woods. Comprising the team was Brandon Wells, Greg O’Hara, Heather Saunders, Daniel Gilliland, Kelsey Malana, Peyton Moore, and Joe LaRock.

They did under pinning on a double wide trailer, put a vapor barrier around the trailer, and began residing the trailer.

Team 5 was Pacific Avenue. Comprising the team was Amanda Wells, Brittany Flintosh, Jonah Graham, Elly Carlson, Fred Nunn, Tammy Estep, and Stephen Malana,

They replaced the metal roof, tiled the hallway, and trimmed out the hallway.

The ASP team arrived at Jonesville Center at 4:30 PM on Sunday, June 12, 2015 after spending Saturday night at Jonathan Page’s church, Fieldstone United Methodist Church in Christiansburg, Va.

Following unpacking, the volunteers enjoyed dinner at 6 PM and then evening gathering with the other groups from Alabama, Georgia, and Massachusetts.

Afterward one adult and one youth representative from each work team visited their respective home site to meet the family and look over the work that needed to be done.

Lights out was at 11 PM so all would be rested for the busy week ahead.

Each day, rise and shine began at 7 AM with announcements, devotions, and breakfast.

Following this, the teams prepared their lunch sandwiches, gathered their drinks, loaded their supplies, and then departed for their home site.

Each team worked hard and ate lunch at the home site usually with the family. One work team had a cook out prepared for them by the family on Friday.

The teams returned to the center between 4 PM and 5:30 PM, made a list of supplies needed for the next day, showered, and then ate dinner at 6 PM.

Evening devotions were held following dinner on Sunday and Monday. Culture Night was held on Tuesday with a Blue Grass Band for entertainment.

On Wednesday evening, Walter Crouch, President/CEO of ASP presented Haygood United Methodist Church with a plaque recognizing Haygood’s 35 years of consecutive participation in the Appalachia Mission Project.

A picnic was enjoyed by all on Thursday at a local park. Following the picnic a prayer walk was held at the Center. On Friday evening wrap up session was held at the Center.

The Haygood group departed Jonesville at 5:45 AM on Saturday morning arriving at Haygood at 3:30 PM.

This week would not have been possible without the coordination of several food fund raisers by Jan Bryson, coffee compliments of Alice Given, training sessions by Roseann Carlson and Ruth Page, Henry Diesel’s donations of homemade knives and a cedar chest, and the use of the Porter’s trailer.

Thanks to everyone who participated in raising funds for this mission trip. The support of the church was appreciated as we were given tangible reminders of your love and prayers for us as we traveled and worked during the ASP week. Thanks to Dolores Burback and all the Prayer Partners.

We are working on plans for an ASP Sunday so we can share our experiences with you.

We are truly blessed.

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