Each Christian is charged to let our light shine unto the world in darkness. The story of Haygood Chapel forms a vital part of this on-going ministry to the world in Jesus’ name. Prior to 1832, a traveling preacher visited our area quarterly. Those preachers serving the district preached day and night and traveled between congregations. In 1832, Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church was built. That small unpainted, wooden structure served as a church for over 30 years and as replaced in 1868. The Haygood Chapel was constructed in 1896 and we still worship in it today. Our brick social hall and sanctuary came later, being built in 1965. Our church is rich with history and is a vital part of the history of this community.

A pilot flying over our church during WWII wrote to the church to express his message. He recalled flying over and seeing the steeple, lighted with floodlights. He felt this was a wonderful symbol of Christ’s love was comforting to him during those troubled days.

The names have changed over the years starting with Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church, changing in 1844 to Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church South. In 1896 the church was named for Bishop Atticus G. Haygood, who was a distinguished Methodist Bishop, Haygood Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South. The name would change 2 more times in 1939 the church was re-named Haygood Memorial Methodist Church and in 1968 we became Haygood United Methodist Church.