Minutes from a meeting of

Haygood United Methodist Church

Leadership Board (HUMC LB)

May 19, 2020, @ 6:30 p.m.


Attendees: Mike LaRock, Ruth Page, Patrick Moore, Bree Weatherly(z), Brian Gerber, Beth Fite(z), Kristie Farris(z), Kristin Fogle(z), Kyle Smith(z), Suzanne Dalton, Ed Evard(z), Bill Slingerland (Lay Leader/Chair), Tammy Estep (Senior Pastor).  Absent: Tony Flora.  The meeting was conducted in a mixed setting of in-person and using Zoom technology.

(z) denotes Zoom participation

Opening remarks:  God’s work during the pandemic:  Patrick Moore shared that the timing of his recent illness corresponded to the time he would have been unable to work due to the pandemic and that he is now able to go back to work both due to the timing of his recovery and the opening up of employment due to Phase 1.

Spiritual Formation:
Bill led us in spiritual development based on Philippians 4:6-7 which tells us “6-Do not worry about anything, but by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God.  7-And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”.  The Philippian church was the first church in Europe and Paul was in a Roman prison at the time he wrote this letter.  He enjoyed many good times and many bad times in life but always found joy in his experiences through his inward strength in Christ.  Many of us completed the Strength Finder survey and have found strengths we didn’t know we had.  We will come through the pandemic better able to serve our congregation.  There are 366 uses of the words “fear not” in the Bible and it is a constant source of encouragement for hope, joy, and peace.  We will be resuming prayer walks through the church in the near future.  Pastor Tammy welcomed Bree and expressed the Leadership Board’s joy that she is able to be with us tonight.

Leadership Equipping:
Mike LaRock reviewed the working budget of the church.  The 100 section is the local ministries which is the section we have the most control over.  This includes our children’s ministries, nursery care, youth ministries, drama, ASP, stewardship, worship, music, communications, backpack, etc.  The 200 section is the cost of running the church.  This includes, phone, utilities, office supplies, maintenance, the parsonage maintenance, cost of sending delegates to annual conference, contingency expenses, etc.  We send two delegates to annual conference each year.  The contingency item pays for any unexpected expenses.  The 300 section includes pastor and staff salaries, social security, continuing education, pension contributions, health insurance, etc.  The 400 and 600 sections are District and Conference expenses and are often referred to as apportionments.  It should be noted that the District gives us money back toward our ASP expenses.

Mike then reviewed the financial report for April.  We received $114,084.78 of which 87,005.22 were to the general budget and $27,079.56 were designated funds.  When someone gives to a specific fund such as food pantry, youth, Journey to Easter, etc. it goes into that line item funds to be used for that purpose.  General budget funds are used to meet needs of the church as needed. We had expenses of 67,291.16.

The food pantry is well stocked and people have been very generous both with contributions of cash and also of food.  People are contributing faithfully to the general funds as well.

At a meeting April 6th, the Finance Team was authorized by LB to apply for the government loan through the Payroll Protection Plan.  Wells Fargo is our primary bank and the conference credit union was involved in the secondary round.  We are able to get $106,000 to pay preschool teachers and church staff.  We will be able to meet the requirements to not have to pay the loan back.  It was approved to pay teachers and staff from this loan through June 15.  This is the end of the school term for the pre-school and their summer needs have not yet been decided.  We will decide on payments after June 15 at our next meeting based on their needs.   Edie Crawford, church Treasurer, has set up a tracking system for reporting so that we will meet all government requirements.

Review of Vital Signs:
We have had as many as 1400 engaging in our streaming services with one being from as far away as South Africa.  We will continue streaming our services after we open for in-person worship services.  We are looking at improving the quality of our streaming through the purchase of updated equipment.

The chaplain at Virginia Wesleyan is leaving and they are unable to replace him at this time due to budget constraints. They have asked to partner with us since we have a Director of Student Life and they would be willing to pay half of Marie’s salary.  Marie is willing to explore this.  Pastor Tammy will meet with them tomorrow to see the details of the contract.  It was approved to move forward with the exploration.

Goal Review and Accountability:
We have met our current goals including to establish new ministries and reach more people.  Bill will form  a team to establish new short and intermediate goals for the future and present them at a later meeting.

Packet and Consent Calendar:
Everyone was asked to let Bill know whether the Advance Packet is helpful and ways it can be approved.  The Advance Packet was approved by consensus.

Financial Team Update:
Gene Jones is the chair of the Financial Team and members are Jim Lampella, Mike LaRock, Edie Crawford (treasurer), George Neas, Ryan Young, Bill Slingerland (LB), Rick Davis, Cindy Rich, Pastor Tammy Estep.  Team tracker and reporting deadlines are being established.  A potential task list has been identified.  Tasks include

  • review income/expense reports and budget and work to align them,
  • examine stewardship for full year exposure,
  • simplify account reporting to promote transparency,
  • examine the endowment fund and charge the endowment committee,
  • examine the pre-school income/expense report and budgets,
  • provide progress reports monthly which will be available to the congregation in the office,
  • develop a fund-raising policy,
  • promote transparency between fund-raising entities and the congregation,
  • examine the need for training the congregation and staff on properly identifying fund categories,
  • ensure financial integrity,
  • receive leadership board approval for our application for the SBA Payroll Protection Plan loan. The Leadership Board issued the necessary approval for application and acquisition of the Payroll Protection Plan loan as well as payment of staff as stated above in the minutes.

Child Care/Preschool Update:
The Leadership Board of the Preschool consists of Myra Scott (chair), Pat Dickerson (director), Kristin Fogle, Jennifer Young, Bree Weatherly (LB rep), Rebekah Snider, Kathy Burchuk, Audrey Porter, and Edie Crawford (ex officio).  March 1, 2020 was approved as the date of transfer of the oversight of the preschool to Haygood UMC.  The bylaws and parent handbook have been approved.  The staff handbook and preschool job descriptions will come up for approval in the coming months.

When preschool will reopen is under discussion and no date has been set yet.  Pat will do a survey as to who will come back.  There will be another meeting of the preschool board

May 26th, 2020.


Communications Update:
The team consists of Agnes Smith, Lori Michalochick, Rose Simpkins, and Kristie Farris.  The Elexio installation is currently stalled because of lack of access to current software.  Lori will meet with Margaret tomorrow to work on accessing the software needed for the installation. The team is also looking at what other churches are doing to facilitate reentry and updating our web site to be more current in light of the current pandemic.

Board of Trustees Update:
Church Mutual, our insurance carrier, has been contacted and they have informed us that they would not cover anyone becoming ill with Covid 19 from attending our services,  However, they pointed out that no one could prove this was the source as long as we are following the CDC guidelines for prevention.

Facility improvements that have been made include:

  • sanctuary pews refinished
  • social hall window treatments and stage upgrade
  • chapel wall repaired
  • deep cleaning and sanitation ongoing
  • tree limb and shrub trimming
  • ID “Nails and Hammer” team
  • Storm window (approx. $1300) pending
  • Parking lot resurfacing (pending as resources permit

We will need to install two large screen TV monitors in the sanctuary prior to reopening.  It was noted that with the holiday sales coming up we may be able to get good pricing this weekend and the expenditure of up to $2000 for each of these two monitors was approved.  It was also approved to purchase two high quality temperature sensors for screening worshipers for the virus.

Nick Ruxton, videographer from VAUMC, visited Haygood on May 13th to conduct a site visit and to make recommendations for improving our streaming and in-person worship using advanced technologies.  Nick showed us a camera called Mevo that will greatly improve our video streaming.  The Leadership Board authorized an expenditure not to exceed $1000 to  purchase a Mevo camera, a new shotgun microphone and, if needed, a light ring as well.

Checklists will be used for reopening and temporary signage will be needed.

Council Update:
A task force has been formed to prepare for reentry (Healthy Church Team).  Members are Jimmy and Phyllis Porter, Kristin and Mike Fogle, Clint and Marie Porter, Keith Best, Bill Slingerland, Lori Michalochick, and Pastor Tammy Estep. Requirements for reopening are listed a document prepared by the Virginia Conference and titled “Embrace the Now, Prepare for the Next: A Plan for Resuming In-Person Worship in the Virginia Conference in Stages”.  This Handbook lists requirements defined by government orders and requirements issued by the Bishop.  These requirements are changing on almost a daily basis so one needs to consult the latest update prior to stating current requirements.  Appendix E of the Handbook is a convenient list of daily updates to the document.  The HCT team is reviewing  all requirements and many changes will need to be made to our worship for reopening, including use of masks, parking, signage, guidance as to where to sit, etc.  Children under 12 will not be permitted to attend at Stage 1 of reopening.  A health screening questionnaire is required that will only be seen by clergy, and a check list for opening and communications vehicles are also being developed. The next step will be to include Haygood members in the planning by conducting a survey to ascertain their intentions and preferences. This survey will help guide the HCT in making recommendations to the Leadership Board.

SPRC Update:
Lori Michalochick and Carol Eugley excused themselves from this part of the meeting since it is a closed session due to confidentiality.  The following minutes of the SPRC Update included here were taken by Bill Slingerland.

Ruth Page explained the purpose and use of the Annual Pastor Evaluation. Inputs had been solicited earlier from the Board; several had responded to Ruth’s request. Ruth and Bill met with Pastor Tammy on May 17th to ask for her input, as required in paragraph 3. Ruth compiled the inputs and developed a draft evaluation which she read to the Leadership Board. After a candid discussion, the LB approved the evaluation as written by consensus.

Leadership strategic Planning Retreat:
Bill reminded everyone of the need to start planning a strategic planning retreat to be held later in the summer. The proposed date is August 29th. All Board members would attend.  Items to be considered include:

  • Purpose: Bathed in prayer and seeking increased spiritual growth, we will discern the congregation’s purposeful why and define where Haygood UMC needs to head to be faithful.
  • The what and how is the responsibility of the staff and ministry team leaders.
  • Review and update, as required, Haygood’s M/V/GP/CV
  • Assess, prayerfully, attainment of objectives
  • Facilitate team building with new members
  • Determine the need for an outside facilitator
  • Bathe in prayer and spiritual growth


  • Approved paying teachers and staff through June 15.
  • Approved the purchase of two TV monitors for the sanctuary.
  • Approved purchase of the Mevo camera, light ring, and shotgun microphone.
  • Approved purchase of two high quality temperature sensors for reentry screening of congregation.
  • Approved giving the Communications Team information and software needed to facilitate re-entry.
  • Approved Marie Porter working with Virginia Wesleyan University if an acceptable contract can be worked out.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be June 16th at 6:30 p.m.  Everyone is invited to let the Chair know whether they would prefer to use Zoom or meet in person, or a combination of zoom and in person that was used tonight.

Pastor Tammy led the Board in a closing prayer

Adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Eugley

Recording Secretary




Reviewed and submitted by,


Bill Slingerland

Chair, Haygood UMC Leadership Board



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