Minutes for HUMC Leadership Board


Tuesday, February 11, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT – Tony Flora, Bree Weatherly, Suzanne Dalton, Mike

LaRock, Ed Evard, Patrick Moore, Kristin Fogle, Kyle Smith, Ruth Page,

Brian Gerber, Kristie Farris, Beth Dembitz, Pastor Tammy Estep, Bill

Slingerland (Chair)


MEMBERS ABSENT – Carol Eugley (recording secretary)


GUESTS PRESENT – Lori Michalochick (substitute secretary); Amy Page,

HUMC Preschool


6:30    Welcome, Icebreaker, Prayer

Bill Slingerland


Meeting promptly opened at 6:30pm. Bill Slingerland welcomed everyone

and started with an icebreaker – “If you could ask God one question

right now, what would it be?” The members of the board discussed

amongst themselves for 5 minutes this question.  Items shared: When

will the Redskins win the Super Bowl? Then the group prayed the NLI



6:30    Spiritual Formation

Mike LaRock


Bill turned the floor over to Mike LaRock who lead our

spiritual formation for the evening.


34 verses in the Bible that deal with spiritual formation. Chosen/Read

scripture Ephesians 4:1-32. This passage informs us how to live our

daily lives and how to treat each other, even when we have different

opinions or views.


Bill thanked Mike and added that our sermons have been

about unity and peace and this is what we do here as a leadership

board to continue to make disciples for the transformation of the



6:45    Leadership Equipping       “Finance”

Bill Slingerland


This month’s training is on FINANCE. We, the board, are

the ones making sure that what we are doing is aligning with our

vision and mission. The board and nominations Team identifies teams

that are needed. Committees are not as formal and can be developed by

the team as needed to take on large tasks or provide extra help. Teams

will run for short periods of time, so no one is locked in forever.


The finance team is the group doing the work. Board can delegate

certain tasks to the Finance Team – Oversee stewardship; Compile

budget annually; Raise sufficient income to meet the budget;

Administer funds received by the church; Count and deposit the

offering; Disburse funds; Establish internal control policies;

Annually review and report on adequacy and effectiveness of internal

controls; Provide for an annual audit of church financial statements;

Report to the annual charge conference on the audit; Recommend proper

depositories for church funds; Use contributions in accordance with

donors’ intent; Annually report all designated funds that are separate

from the budget


What are we called to do? Pray! Maintain our goals to align with our

vision and mission. Meet/achieve our milestones set forth by the Book

of Discipline. We should be transparent about our financials.

Communicate, even when you think it is enough, COMMUNICATE MORE.


Financial Vitality – Financial transparency is need.


Question: How does United Methodist Woman and similar organizations

report their information?


Any groups that have separate bank account are audited separately and

recorded separately. Therefore, their information is not recorded in

our budget. This information is dispersed during Charge Conference.

Groups report to the Office Manager to include in our yearly report.


Question: Why isn’t this available to everyone?


We could ask the Finance Team to make this more available

to everyone. A more formal process for recording and disbursing this



Transparency needed for all missions. Celebrating what we have

accomplished/donated this year through the use of our funds. UMM

donate 10% of everything they collect/raise to the General Budget.


Question: Are all the ministries of the church aligned with our vision?


Yes, we have a ministry assessment form to discuss next time,

especially in regard to the Flea Market.


Financial Vitality – Missional Budgeting and Fundraising – Mission

first…” Make disciples.”; Then, discernment “What are God’s plans for

HUMC?”; Set goals and strategies for making disciples in our local

context; Now, budget using program budgeting


Best Practices: Placing mission and vision of the church above

personal interests; Understanding the connectional nature of

apportionments; Honoring donor restrictions; Establishing and

following a gift acceptance policy; Managing risk through insurance

and training; Understanding and complying with all laws and regs;

Endowment Planning; Communicating with the congregation!!


Designated Funds: Funds that are specific for a certain mission i.e.

ASP, Youth, Children, etc. When people are giving to the church, they

can write in on the memo line on the check and offering envelope.

E-giving can be changed online if you want to designate it for a

certain fund.


Endowment Fund: Fund for those who pass away and leave the church

money from their estate.


Using the name Stewards/Stewardship instead of Donor/Donations


Finance Team nominated and accepted – Rick Davis, Gene Jones, Jim

Lampella, Cindy Rich, George Neas


Tasks for the Finance Team – Review the budget; Develop

year-round Stewardship Campaign; Simplify financial reports; Review

designated and general funds for appropriateness; Promote awareness of

Endowment Policy; Assist with integration of Elexio Financial System;

Make recommendations to Leadership Board; Provide progress reports and

determine regularly; create a system of transparency for small

groups/missions (UMM, UMW, etc.) that have a separate account so this

information can be reported to the church


Suggestion – go through the budget and see how it is all broken down;

include the sections and breakdowns for a better understanding




7:00    Review of New People/Vital Signs

Pastor Tammy


2018 (yearend) – 740 members


2019 (yearend) – 741 members


30ish members waiting to join




7:05    Goal Review and Accountability Conversation

Pastor Tammy


Need to update goals? March and April –

aspects of the goals that we should reconsider in regards to our

vision; staff retreat did a ministry assessment of all missions of the

church and some were refocused – this information will be presented

later; continue to look for ways to reach our goal for ourselves and

the community; some teams are still needed to be formed/done i.e.

Hospitality Audit (with new people who don’t know the church),

Facility Alignment Team, Crossroad Team (potentially March)


7:15    BREAK – taken at 7:50pm for 3 minutes


7:25    Packet and Consent Calendar

Leadership Board (LB)


Advance Package approved with exception of

name tags request which was deferred and recommended to send to

Hospitality Team to determine the logistics; Only changes allowed

would be grammar/spelling errors in documents to be sent out to the



ASP – dates for fundraisers approved


Update ASP postponed for July2020. ASP Board will meet to examine

scheduling options.


Flooring purchase – vestibule carpet squares, and wood like the front

of the sanctuary in the lobby/narthex to the old restrooms; materials

show up the 21st of February


Update: Completed week of 24Feb2020.


Name Tags – current name tags – plastic with printed cards; new

proposal – magnetic name tags that are sold and engraved/pressed;

recommended to be passed to the hospitality team to discuss the issues

revolving around how to get people to use them and how to get them to

new people


Update: Tabled.


Window treatments for the Social Hall were discussed; team of 3

discussed – Tammy Estep, Cathy LaRue, Linda Sigmon; waiting for

estimates to move forward; potential vote next month


7:30    Generative and Strategic Work                                      LB


7:30    Nominations and Leadership – Finance Team


Finance Team was approved and commission to do tasks

discussed. Bill will create the task list to commission the Finance



Finance Team:  Gene Jones (Chair)        Edie Crawford   Mike Davis


Jim Lampella                 George Neas

Cindy Rich


Ryan Young


Tammy Estep, Pastor


Bill Slingerland, Lay Leader


Mike LaRock, Assoc Lay Leader




Update:  Finance Team has met three times, (22 Mar, 06 Apr, and 28

April) to address issues related to COVID-19, including pay/benefits,

Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

loan application and line of credit authority. Recommendations to

apply for PPP loan of no more than $120K, use of LOC (approx. $17K),

and authority to pay HUMC/Preschool staff salaries through 30 April

2020 were approved by HUMC Leadership Board in a joint LB/Finance Team

ZOOM meeting of 06APR2020.


Finance Team (w exception of Cindy Rich) met 28 April to examine

giving levels and financial health.  Team was impressed with apparent

generosity of the congregation, as current giving levels indicate our

ability to continue to pay salaries and benefits for HUMC staff and

HUMC Preschool staff through the end of May 2020.


Edie Crawford related that HUMC had received the balance of the Line of Credit.


PPP loan status is unresolved.  Edie is working with the credit union.

Wells Fargo, the other loan processor, presents a daily form email

sharing that Wells Fargo is continuing to process our loan

application.  Edie is working to resolve the apparent stalemate in our

application for approximately $106,000 of SBA PPP loan.


IF our application is unsuccessful, HUMC may reach a point when we are

unable to continue to pay salaries and benefits for church and

preschool staff.  The LB will then be engaged as SPRC to determine our

course of action with respect to staff positions.


7:40    Nominations and Leadership – Preschool


Myra Scott has been nominated and accepted as Chair of the Preschool

Board; Lori Michalochick – staff representative; Bree Weatherly –

Leadership Board Representative (Potential Alternate: Kyle Smith or

email the board as needed in case of conflict);  form edits needed –

doctor to health care provider, mother/father to parent/guardian;

Registration starting February 20th, 2020 – letter to go out this week

February 13/14


Board agreed and approved


20 April 2020 Update:  Registration ongoing. Parent and Teacher

handbooks updated by working group comprised of Chris Payne, Libba

Neas, Carol Peterson Woodall, Ruth Page, Bill Slingerland, and Pastor

Tammy Estep. Review ongoing by Director HUMC Preschool and Board



Preschool Board identified to date:


Myra Scott, Chair                      Pat Dickerson, Director

Kathy Burchuk, Teacher


Jennifer Young, Parent rep        Audrey Porter, Church rep

Kristin Fogel, LB rep


VACANT (TBD), Parent rep         Lori Michalochick,

Edie Crawford, Treasurer


HUMC Children’s Coordinator    (ex officio)




Final work on handbooks is scheduled for the week of 04 May 2020.




Meeting of new Preschool Board to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Invitation sent by Pastor Tammy.


7:50    Identify Team to update church profile

Bill Slingerland


Church Profile needs updating; things on the profile reflect how the

church sees itself including physical things like the parsonage. 3 – 4

people needed


Update: COMPLETED 23 Feb 2020, Suzanne Dalton, Ed Evard, Bill

Slingerland, Pastor Tammy Estep


7:55    Emergent Repair Estimate presentation                     Bill



Patrick Moore is going to break down the maintenance expenses to be

able to better assess what we are spending our money for repairs. He

will be tracking it for the year. Currently two people on the Hammer

and Nails Team. Patrick Moore in charge of Insurance.  Young Person

Policy requested. Questions arose about it but needs to be looked in

to as to why and do we already have one


“Single source” estimates obtained today by Jimmy Porter for the following:


Current issue – need to address the gas issue with the stoves and that

you have to light every burner and oven when turning on the stove.

Here is the proposed solution:


Estimate for $1582 for fire suppression system temp sensor to bring

Haygood UMC kitchen up to code.  Contractor requires $800 down

payment, signed contract (HUMC is “owner”) and balance due upon

completion. BFPE is regarded by virtually all others as the contractor

for this type work.  SAFETY ISSUE. Board voted for to approve the

stove repairs.


Update:  COMPLETED 7APR2020. No test required. Paid in full.


Current Issue – multiple lines in the parking lot – free

for all when parking (first person to arrive decides how to park for

the rest); proposed solution:


Estimate ($3500) from a contractor that HUMC has used in the past who

is willing to do the work at cost to patch, re-seal, and stripe

“diagonally” the east parking lot located adjacent to Ferry Plantation



Ed Evard volunteered to get two additional estimates for the parking

lot patching/re-sealing and painting; Board agreed to postpone the

vote on the parking lot until more estimates were received – vote will

be next month


Update: Branche Industries, Inc, Virginia Beach presented an estimate

to clean, fill, seal, and stripe the east parking lot near the

cemetery for $7,486.  LB review PENDING


Current issue – Update:  Social Hall window treatments. In support of

0945 worship service and many events held in the Social Hall, addition

of window treatments has been identified as an important issue.  The

Building Committee was asked to gather proposals for window

treatments.  Three separate proposals were gathered.


Home Dept       Faux Wood blinds                      Est $1252.47


Budget Blinds    Rolling Blinds                            Est $2336


Home Depot     Solar Rolling Shades                  Est $2482.92


As Budget Blinds were higher quality, and this firm a small-business,

woman-owned, minority owned, and the fact that much if not of the

mid-range cost would be absorbed by private donation, a decision was

made to accept the proposal by Budget Blinds of Virginia Beach.

Installation completed and payment in full.  COMPLETE.


Current issue: Update: Boiler replacement.  Anticipating

the need in the future to replace our aging boiler, a proposal was

solicited by Jimmy Porter to ascertain the approximate cost of this

work, if and when it becomes necessary.


Mechanical Air Services dba Mr. Comfort, Virginia Beach, Haygood UMC’s

contractor of choice for HVAC issues, presented an estimate of $44,950

on 04 Mar 2020 to replace the existing boiler. Includes 1 year

warranty on parts and labor, 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on boiler

sections.  No action required at present; information gathering.  HUMC

has been setting aside $5K/year in the budget in anticipation of this





Many thanks to our “Nails ‘n Hammer” Team!  This “Team”, currently

comprised of Dennis Best and John Rainey, have continued to perform

important maintenance on our facilities, even in the face of COVID-19

challenges.  Dennis and John completed the refinishing of ALL the pews

in our Sanctuary!  They also removed old curtain rods and attachments

from the windows in the rear of the Sanctuary and supervised the

completion of repairs to our organ.


Now, they remain vigilant for other work that always needs to be done.

It was highlighted that some work needs to be done on the walls of the

Chapel.  The N&H Team are ready to tackle this and other work to make

our church facilities safe, comfortable, and inviting to worshippers,

visitors, Sunday School classes, and our Preschool staff and students.

Please make it a point to thank them when you get a chance.  And,

again, I appeal to all to help identify those that have a gift for

service and inviting them to join our N&H Team.  Any time and energy,

no matter how much, would be greatly appreciated!


Our church custodian, Mark Torrez, has been kept busy deep cleaning

and sanitizing our facilities. It’s just a little easier to clean and

organize when the buildings aren’t being used as often and as much.

This is still a lot of work for one person, but Mark is keeping up

keeping up. Thanks, Mark!


And, thanks to all that have made it possible for us to continue to

“gather” in worship during Holy Week and every Sunday.  We’ve learned

much about the use of technology and it’s clear that we should

continue to offer this alternative even after we return to communal

in-place worship.




7:55    Communications

Bill Slingerland


All are encouraged to share the work of the

board and the on-goings in the church with others


Kristin agreed to get this information out to the

congregation through newsletter by a link to the minutes for the



Bill showed the ministry assessment form and will send one out for the

board to use. Flea Market is one that needs to be addressed ASAP.

(Flea Market suspended pending resolution of COVID19 limitations.)


Update:  In progress.


Pastor Tammy will send out a letter to the congregation providing an

update on church matters.


The Communications Team (CT), chaired by Agnes Smith, is currently in

discussion with our Success Manager at Elexio to determine the level

of our financial commitment as we review with many other topics the

current direction we should take as we recover from COVID19.  The CT

is also seeing access to Church Windows software to examine the scope

of work needed to migrate data from one software system to another, as

an option to be discussed by the LB.


8:00    Closing Prayer

Pastor Tammy


8:00    Adjourn


Dismissed at 8:40pm. Bill agreed to send out the financial

reports to everyone electronically.


Next meeting will be held on March 10, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m. in the Social

Hall (construction permitting).


Update:  March 10 ZOOM virtual meeting cancelled due to a lack of

quorum.  Next meeting scheduled for late April 2020, tentatively

Tuesday, 19 May, to provide ample time for Treasurer to prepare a

comprehensive financial report.


In addition to updates provided above, there are a couple items that I

will include in this transmittal.


First, our SPRC function requires the LB to conduct the Pastor

Evaluation due to District Office by June 1st.


As noted earlier, if PPP loan is not approved and funds are not

sufficient to continue to pay salaries and benefits, SPRC will be

required to make a recommendation on the status of employees for HUMC.


Our Board of Trustees function requires an annual inspection of the Parsonage.


Any assistance with Pastor Evaluation and or parsonage inspection is

appreciated. Call/email the Chair.


The Leadership Board will meet again via ZOOM the week of 11 May 2020.

Agenda will be provided via separate correspondence.


As COVID19 concerns are mitigated and we see relief from Governor

Northam’s and Bishop Lewis’ prohibition on gathering, we will

obviously NOT return to the old normal, but to a new normal.  What

does this mean to us as a local church? Virtually every aspect of

routine will change, from parking and restrooms to greeting, to usher

and collection of offering; from choir to bulletins; continuing

digital worship while re-introducing in-person worship; from Sunday

School and Bible study to child care and preschool.


As we recover from the pandemic, Haygood’s Leadership Board will enjoy

the opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding all these

important topics.  National, state, and local governments, businesses,

and churches do not have the answers.  We will determine our own

processes and direction within guidelines that are just now being

considered.  Pastor Tammy, the congregation, and I  know each of you

will respond to our appeals for your help and support with energy and

commitment, reflecting those qualities that prompted your nomination

to serve in these important leadership positions as Haygood’s

Leadership Board.




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