Haygood’s Acts of Random Kindness (HARK) is a local ministry devoted to sharing our love of Christ and a desire to help our community with projects in and around the home. It is our prayer that through our service families can see a joy that transcends even the most menial task and take encouragement from the fact that God loves all of us.

HARK is a simple ministry in that we help families with home projects they may not be able to complete themselves. If material is needed we ask the homeowner to cover the cost (exceptions are made if there is need). Labor is given of love. Any donations are optional and 100% of what is given is put right back into the ministry. Please see below our “Service History” for some examples of some of the partnerships your donations have enabled us to take part in.

No project is too small and we do have access to some skilled workers that can help with bigger, more complicated jobs. Typically we tackle yard maintenance like mowing, gardening, weeding. Also gutter cleaning, fencing, power washing, painting, carpentry work (just like JC!), minor repair jobs for roof, siding, wall, floor, etc…

We hope you contact us and let us serve you in a Christ-like way!