From Pastor Tammy

Dear friends,

Life continues even as all gatherings begin to cease.  Jack Kingsley’s funeral has been postponed until we are allowed to gather again.  We have continued to distribute food through our Food Pantry to those in need on Mondays and Thursday.  On Monday thru Wednesday, Dennis Best and John have been sanding and staining the church pews.  On Tuesday, some of us packed the backpacks of food for families from Luxford to pick up on Thursday so children in need will have food for the weekend.  Likewise, on Tuesday, new blinds were installed in the social hall.


Throughout the week, many of you have sent in or brought in your offerings and for that we are deeply grateful.  I invite others to join them so we can continue to meet the needs of our members and community.

Many of you are calling and checking on each other.  This is so vital.  I ask that you go through the church directory and pick 2 people to pray for, check in with and offer to run errands for.  Some of you might want to take one page of our directory each day and pray for the people on that page.  Bill and I both continue to be available to anyone in need or facing surgery.  This past week, I prayed with one family over the phone and Bill and I prayed with another in my office.  Please know that we are here for you even in the midst of this social distancing.

The staff has made plans to live stream a worship service every Sunday at 10 am on the Haygood UMC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HaygoodUnitedMethodistChurch.   It will then be posted on our website so anyone can watch it at anytime during the week.  Several of us will be posting devotions, music, scriptures and prayers on our website and Facebook page throughout the week as well.  If you are not on Facebook, now would be a great time to establish an account or at least find your way to our website at http://www.haygoodumc.com.

The staff has decided to stop our “Entering the passion of Jesus” until we can worship together again and be in bible study together.  So I will be praying and following the leading of God through the next several Sundays.

This is a time for us to be in prayer, in bible reading, and holy listening for God’s word for us in these days.  On a positive note, let us give God thanks and praise for God’s healing power in Bree Weatherly who is now in remission from her leukemia!  She should be released from the hospital in the next few days!

Know that I am only a phone call away.  Let us continue to pray for an end to COVID 19 and for a cure.  Please wash your hands, stay at home as much as possible, and let us all be a resource to those who are the most vulnerable.  See you on Sunday at 10 am!

Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Tammy