Mission Statement

The mission of Haygood United Methodist Church is to be a beacon of God's love serving the world.

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We may be just what you are looking for ... If you are seeking to know more about your Savior, Jesus Christ. If you want to be part of a purposeful prayer partnership. If you want to be a valued part of a big, loving family very quickly. If you are searching for a church with a big mission heart. If you need a strong, active and welcoming program for your children or youth. If you are looking for strong Christian programming for women, men and seniors. If you are looking for a variety of Worship, Music and Sunday school opportunities. If you are looking for a nurturing Christian Preschool and so much more.

Hike for Homes

Last year we raised over $4,500 for the families of Appalachian valley by hiking over 80 miles! Learn how to get involved!


We have a variety of worship experiences. One or more is bound to meet your needs!

Appalachia Service Project

ASP’s goals are to share our faith and make homes warmer, safer, and drier in Appalachian valley.

Vacation Bible School

We searched the globe for rare animals we could find to help kids discover what Jesus one-of-a-kind love means in their lives.